About Venice

Venice is about history and magic. The food, presentation and all about cuisine appeals people from all over the world. The special boats and hiring facilities in speed boats makes it easy for you to travel at any time of the year. Very comfortable and pleasant are the many hotels here which have years of experience in hospitality. You can book a hotel directly as per your budget. Luxury hotels are always in demand and you will need to book earlier. The mystery of Venice is about the history and projection of the modern tourism ideas.

The Venice festival is just a glimpse of how much of art and theater is loved by the city. The city is compact and the architecture has a lot of history to tell. The city of risotto and the best in hospitality awaits your approval. The museum has a large area which is also a joggers area and this is quite a surprise to a tourist who is waiting for a workout after a sumptuous Italian meal. The hotels also offer budget stays for a bed and breakfast session which is always good for a backpacker tourist.

The life of the city can be seen from Cannaregio. Owing to the waterways Italy and Venice has magnificent bridges. The famous among them are Caltraya bridge and also

florence 2

the Rialto bridge. Each part of Italy and Venice reminds you about history, the culture and the skill in architecture. Modern Venice is a toursister's paradise. Everything here is mesmerizing. For something more regular you can certainly check out the pubs and bars that have a perfect ambience that helps you to unwind.

The best part is the connectivity. Venice also has a good rail system and here it is easy for you to locate trains. Water taxis are also a common sight and this is a romantic way to spend a holiday. The interesting part about Venice is that it is about lagoons and islands. Thus the water transport is the only way you can have access to other areas. Certainly a tourist is in awe for the first time but since the city has so much to offer one easily gets used to it. Gondolas too are the local form of transport. You can have the choicest food here but there are several hotels that have an international cuisine which will suit people all over the globe.

The hotels and accommodations in Venice come from affordable stays to luxury deluxe rooms. It is great to know that one can easily feel refreshed after spending a day in any hotel. There are facilities for people who are disabled and some also have the best to offer for honeymooning couples. Carnival is perhaps a tourist's delight with Venetian masks and costumes that makes a trip so memorable. Color and splendor is seen in every corner and almost everything comes to life during the Carnival time. The spirits of the local people are high and there is so much of opportunity to create a jubilant atmosphere.